Alright. So. It’s 4:20 right now which is fucking appropriate. This is an experiment. We’ll call it a social experiment. This entry may be a complete fail. Or it may be entirely fucking brilliant. Personally, I’m hoping for the latter.

So right now, I’m sitting with the bossman Remicks. And the plan for tonight? Edible marijuana motherfuckers. We are currently in the beginning stages of making a nice batch of fucking pot brownies. Hurley, FlipSide, and two new faces, Sink and Greek , will be joining us a little later. And we’re gonna trip our balls out of our sacks.

Now to do this properly, you gotta extract the THC from the ganja. As you can see below, one method to do this, is to simmer your pot in vegetable oil, and use that shit to make your fucking glory cakes.


We’ve done this in the past, I’ll tell you about it sometime. But for the sake of this blog, I’ll tell you it was not much of a success. Seeing as we made the mistake of baking our weed straight into the brownies. Which is a no go if you wanna do this properly. So here’s hoping for success.

So the experiment? It’s simple. To see if I can successfully document this night, throughout, while it’s happening. Obviously you can see the possible fuck ups here. If the brownies work. We’re gonna be hiiiiiiiigh. But I will do my best to keep returning to this page. And by tomorrow morning, I will either have the jokesest fucking shit I’ve ever read. Or not.

Whichever way this goes, it’s still going up. So don’t judge too hard motherfuckers.

So, it’s 4:53 now. We’re gonna put these fucken brownies in the oven, and get back to you in a few hours.

7:28 – The brownies look fucking legit. I’m mad down. I’m just back now from a birthday dinner with the fam, and Remicks, FlipSide, Hurley, and his girlfriend Domo are sitting in front of me. Eating a fucken crazy Mexican Fiesta.

Fucking remicks has been hitting bong while I’ve been gone. The guy fucking used the weed leftover from straining the vegetable oil. Which is fucking stank as shit. And to my fucking hilarious surprise, the motherfucker has changed into super hipster Remicks.

8:33 – It is now go time. Sink and Greek have arrived. And these fucking brownies are going into our mouths, down our throats. And directly into our fucking MINDS.

Remicks interlude here.

So my buddy Aces texts me yo I want some “genoux brun” and I show it to Rooster.

Rooster: yo wtf is genoux brun.

Remicks: what is genoux?

Rooster: I don’t know.

Remicks: Genoux is knee

Rooster: brown knees? what the fuck is brown knees?

Remicks: are you fucking serious?

Interlude finished.

9:30 Yes. I fell for that shit. I don’t think I’m that high yet. Actually. Maybe I am. This is a difficult decision to make.

No. Ya. I’m totally high as shit. I came to this computer so I can type something super jokes that just happened. I think Greek was doing something weird. Wait. Here.

Rooster: Dude. What are you doing?

Greek: Tickling Sink.

And then we collectively died.

But my mind isn’t working on 100% right now. Some gears are blocked or some shit. I don’t even know what I’m saying.

What the fuck?

I’m tripping balls.

And as I’m writing here Hurley starts narrating my life or some shit. And upon realizing this, I fucking laughed to shit, and fell over. His words?

Hurley: Rooster just died in a mess of THC and sexstasy.

1051: Ya. I don’t feel like doing this anymore. Exeripment failed. I don’t feel like doing this anymore.

Im fucking high as shit. And other stuff happened that makes a story, but I can’t recall it at the moment. Do to highness.

Signing out.

Rooster is lost to us. All he has left is the desire to write this blog.

42.7 minutes earlier.

Rooster: Yo Remicks, can I have another brownie?

Remicks: Yeah sure why not.

Rooster fought the desire and tried not to eat for a total length of 12 minutes.

He ate the brownie

Now, 54.7 minutes from then, ten minutes since i started writing. Rooster yelled out how he wanted to write all of it down on his blog.

I leave you now, when he see’s this he will freak out and you will see the consequences. Out.

I’M TRIPPING SO MUCH BALLS. FUCK. Woah. Remicks. You’ve destroyed me. Everything is so amazing. FlipSide seranades my soul. Friendship trips my fuck. 



Okay. So I had to give it a while to sink in.

Friendship trips my fuck??

What the fuck is that?

As you can see, the experiment was a fail. But totally also not. It’s fucking hilarious. I can say that without being fucking cocky. Cause this blog entry fucking kills me. Best way it could have possibly turned out. I hope it wasn’t too incomprehensible.