So. It’s been a while. It seems I have taken some sort of hiatus that I didn’t intend to take. I apologize to the 4 of you. I’LL GET MY FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER OKAY!? FUCK. Cough. Uh.

Yes, so I have a few stories I’m going to start working on. But in the meantime I’ll leave you crazy batches with something to bide the time.

I’m not sure if you’re aware. But I’m a writer. Yes. I know. Fucking surprised your ass eh? Believe it or not I haven’t always written these entirely inappropriate and fucking curse filled stories.

So I’ll share one with you that I think is fucking awesome as fucking AWESOME.

And yes.

It is a Star Wars short story.

Nerds betta fucken recognize. K PEACE.

Tense. Breaths coming slowly, but heavily. He stood there, his eyes piercing the other’s.  He didn’t feel he was ready for this, his master had high confidence in him, but he thought it was misplaced.

He felt his lightsaber heavy at his side. Standing there, trying to stay calm, but sure that his opponent could tell he was not. He tried prying into his opponent’s mind, but his force barriers were too strong. This only reinforced his thinking. “I’m not ready”, he thought.

His opponent felt the words emanate from his mind, and knew this was the time to strike. Before Jacen could tell what was happening, Preygan was lunging, with his lightsaber held high and strong above his head. It was an aggressive lightsaber style, one used by servants of the dark side.

Jacen summoned the force and sent a gust of wind towards Preygan, but Preygan was too strong, and with a swoosh of his hand sent the gust flying to the left. This caught Jacen off guard,  and he did not have enough time to bring up a defensive block with his lightsaber.

His lightsaber unclipped from his belt, and flew to his hand, but before he had time to ignite his blade, Preygan was on him.

Jacen screamed as Preygan’s glowing red lightsaber pierced through his shoulder. It was one of the worst sensations Jacen had ever felt. It was as if the wound was burning him, but freezing him simultaneously.  Jacen opened his eyes and looked into Preygan’s. His eyes were orange, and his pupils were slits.

Preygan removed the lightsaber from Jacen’s shoulder, and stepped back. He slid his left foot back, and bent his right knee low. He raised his lightsaber above his head, pointing it outward in the direction of Jacen.

Jacen knew he was toying with him. He felt the wound in his shoulder, it was cold, he could not move his arm. He summoned the force and flipped himself back, a distance away from Preygan. Standing upright, Jacen looked down at the ground, calming himself, and let his arms fall to his side. He flicked his right wrist outwards and a silver beam of light erupted from the hilt of his lightsaber. He looked up at Preygan, feeling more confident now.

Preygan seemed intrigued. His head tilted to the side at the sight of his opponent, just standing there, no stance. He was unable to see his intentions. His mouth twisted into a haggard grin, baring his sharp teeth. “More of a challenge” he thought.

He sprinted towards Jacen. Jacen just stood, watching as the Sith raced towards him. Yelling, Preygan brought up his blade, and slashed down at Jacen. With remarkable speed Jacen swung his lightsaber up and the two blades clashed in a brilliant void of silver and ruby.

It was a remarkable scene, as the two beings avoided each other’s blows, blocking, twisting, and striking. The two lightsabers struck time and time again. The sounds of the lightsaber hissing and buzzing as they struck.

Just as it seemed the fight could go on forever, Preygan blocked one last strike by Jacen. He was lower, bent down, and he spun out of the lightsaber lock. Bringing his lightsaber to slash Jacen’s stomach, and then his right knee.

Jacen yelped and fell to the ground. Lying on his back clutching his stomach, with his lightsaber still ignited in his right hand, he looked at Preygan. “Do your worst.” he said.

Jacen anticipated Preygan’s worst, he knew how he slaughtered his most prized opponents.

Preygan flipped his lightsaber twice around his fingers, then holding it pointing downwards, with his two hands grasping the hilt, he stabbed downwards towards Jacen’s face.

Jacen, anticipating this, moved his head out of the way just in time, and grabbing Preygan’s wrist, brought his lightsaber slashing through his forearm. Preygan staggered back, staring in shock at where his hand used to be.

Jacen pressed the button on Preygan’s lightsaber hilt, and his blade shrunk into the hilt. He sent it careening like a bullet towards his foe. Just as it hit Preygan’s chest, the Ruby blade exploded from the hilt and tore through skin, muscle, bone. Erupting from his back. Standing there, surprised, he looked down at the hilt. Feeling the similar feeling Jacen felt just minutes before.

Feeling weak, the only thing on his mind was revenge. As he sprinted once again towards Jacen, Jacen rolled out of the way and sliced through Preygan’s left calf and upwards through his right knee. Preygan flew forwards and landed on his back, the blade protruding from him, tearing through the floor.

Clutching his stomach and faring his left leg, Jacen got up and walked over to the body of  Preygan. He could hear the low hum of the blade lodged in his chest and into the ground below him. He pressed the button on his blade and felt his own lightsaber hiss to a stop.

Thinking on how he felt before the fight, he collapsed to the ground as darkness surrounded him.